The Source

Plants are at the very origins of life. Their ecological cycle is a precious and irreplaceable resource of our planet. This concept is at the root of all our operations, starting with the management of plantations owned by the Braga group, in Italy and abroad.
The great majority of plantations are reclaimed from land where agriculture has ceased, thereby increasing carbon-capturing capacity and fighting against the causes of global warming. The rest of the land is composed of natural forests of mixed species.
In both instances, we maintain tree re-population programs, in conjunction with local forest management authorities, with the constraint of maintaining a natural and scenic equilibrium.

Working with Care
Special attention is paid to clearing operations. In the case of ex-agricultural lands, trees are harvested every 7 to 10 years, followed by immediate replanting. The entire cycle averages approximately 60 years.
For natural forests, the cycle is even longer and operations are geared to ensure that topsoil be naturally renovated. This occurs through selective clearing practices, driven by highly qualified personnel who choose which trees are to be harvested.

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